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Komodo Island Adventure willing to introduce you the amazing Flores and Komodo National Park for your holiday trips. Amazing Flores is a lost paradise worth to visit. It is uniqly in nature, people and culture has attract people to discover it. Flores, the Cape of Flower, has five main cultural group and languages. Besides, it’s presents marvelous nature in it’s purity. Flores is the main gate to Komodo National Park.
Komodo National Park is the highlight of Flores tours. Labuan Bajo, the western tip of Flores is the main gate to the well known Komodo National Park. It can easily reach by motorized wooden boat from Labuan Bajo to Rinca and Komodo which is the home of the oldest living lizard, komodo dragon, and other wildlife. Besides, it’s also well-known for it’s world class diving and snorkeling spots. White and pink sandy beaches lay accross the islands within the Komodo National Park.
Trip to Flores and Komodo National Park is an adventure. A real adventurer is the one who always thirst of knowledge, experience and beauty. Visiting Flores and Komodo National Park is a way to gain knowledge, experience and beauty by discovering it’s unique nature, culture and people.
Komodo Island Adventure team, would happily introduce you the amazing Flores and Komodo National Park by delivering our knowledge to you. Komodo Island Adventure is build in respond to your need and thirst of knowledge, experience and beauty. We are a local tour company which is based in Labuan Bajo- Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. We are called to conserve and introduce the richness of Flores and Komodo National Park to the world.
As a native people, we have a big responsibility to keep our nature of spoiled while continue to introduce our richness to the world. We have our big hope that our dear guest will value our culture, nature and people. We would welcome and assist you with smile. Smile that makes you feel at home and keeps Flores and Komodo National Park in your heart.
Finally, our team work are composed of a competent and informative team. We are experienced team; our tour operator, our guides, staffs and drivers. Many of us have been happily doing this job for about ten years. And some have been work for more than five years. We have undergone many experiences: good experiences to remember; unsatisfied experiences for learning. Therefore your feedback is needed for development and improvement of our work.


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