(The Trip only Upon Request on Mei to August every year)

Day 1: Denpasar- Labuan Bajo
Upon your arrival, our guide will welcome you at the airport and direct transfer to harbor for the Rinca trip. It will take you two hours to reach Rinca. In Rinca you’ll accompanied by the local ranger to explore the Rinca Island. Here you’ll see the Komodo dragons, water buffalo, wild boar, and other wild life. Back to the boat and do the snorkeling around Rinca Island. After the snorkeling, sail to Kalong Island near Komodo Island to see the fruit bats. Overnight on board.

Day 2: Komodo Island- Labuan Bajo
Early morning wake up and do the trekking in Komodo Island to see the Komodo dragons and other wild life. After the trekking, back to the boat for Pink beach. Here you can do the snorkeling to discover the richness of its underwater. Lunch will provide on the boat. Afterwards, sail back to Labuan Bajo and stay overnight in the Hotel.

Day 3: Labuan Bajo- Colol
Today we drive to Colol via Ruteng town. Along the way you’ll stop at Cancar to see the Spider Web Rice field. Lunch at  Ruteng town. After lunch a visit to Liang Bua cave, the place where they found the Homo Florensis. Homo Florensis claim to be the new homo, lived about 18.000 years ago. Back to Ruteng and drive directly to Colol village. Overnight at Colol village.

Day 4: Colol Coffee Processing
Today the local people will invite you to their farm to see the coffee processing. They will offer you the traditional tools which you can use in the farm. These tools are Roka (a basket to collect the coffee), Kaet (a wood which used to bend to coffee three). In the farm it starts with a ceremony of a thanks giving to the new harvest. This ceremony calls Tapa Kolo means make the bamboo rice. The leader will pray to the ancestors through a chicken (torok manuk) to express their gratitude of the harvest and ask the good harvest in the year to come. The blood of the chicken then will mix with the rice before it cooks. After the ceremony, the harvest starts. You can join them harvesting the coffee while waiting for the bamboo rice done. After the bamboo rice and the chicken done, they will offer the little part to the ancestors. This ceremony calls teing hang helang. It will place in a small altar in the farm. They just take some part of the chicken and a little bamboo rice. Then you can enjoy the experience of eating the bamboo rice. After this ceremony, the local people will show you how to process the coffee, such us grinding using the traditional tools such as Ngencung and Alu (mortar and pestle). Normally this job does by the women. You can see how they prepare the seedlings, how they fried the coffee (cero) and how they grind it in the traditional ways (tuk). The Locals use to believe that the traditional grinded coffee (kopi tuk) is more delicious than the one grinded with the machine. Overnight in the village.

Day 5: Colol- Labuan Bajo
Today we depart again to Labuan Bajo. Along the way we will see the old Cathedral in Ruteng town. Onward, we will see the traditional house of Manggarai in Ruteng Puu. Lunch will be in Ruteng. Stay overnight in the hotel in Labuan Bajo.

Day 6: Check out
Your guide will arrange your pick up time to the airport. If time possible, you can visit Batu Cermin (Mirror cave).

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